Using your domain

Smol Domains is not yet supported on MetaMask or other wallet providers, but we're already in talks with some of them to integrate Smol Domains.

In the mean time, you can use domains to send tokens through the Send Tokens page on the Smol Domains website. We are also working on a Metamask plugin that lets you send and receive tokens like a normal wallet

Sending tokens

We have a feature on our website that lets anyone send tokens to other .smol domains, Heres how to use it:

Go to and connect your wallet.

In the "Enter the receiver's domain name" box type the receivers .smol, for example if i wanted to send to test.smol i would put that there.

We currently support ETH MAGIC USDT USDC WBTC DAI LINK UNI token transfers with more on the way, Put in however much you wish to send to the receiver of the token.

NFT support will be added with our Metamask Plug-in

Than click "Send Tokens" And a transaction will pop up for the transfer

Receiving tokens

Your address is linked to the domain so when its sent from it sends straight to your wallet, no extra steps just start receiving!

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