Customizing Your Domain

You need to own a .smol domain in order to customize it

Once you have a domain, head over to to start customizing your domain. (Make sure your wallet is connected)

On the Smol domains profile page go to "Domains" and click "edit domain data" for the domain you wish to customize.

It will bring up your domains profile, It should show as Above. You want to click on the "Edit data" button. (Alternatively if your domain isnt showing up you can go to and search for your domain than edit the data there)

The following goes over the specific functions of the Domain Data Customization. You dont need to fill out the fields and you are free to skip them.


This lets you set an NFT as your Domain Profile Picture, You want to find the NFTs Contract Address and paste it in there. You also need to set imgTokenId (Below)


This is your Token id of your NFT from the contract in the imgAddress Field.


You can set any url here you wish. This can be a linktree, Personal site, A link to a gallery with your nfts. Anything!


This lets you set your twitter profile, enter your username. Example: smoldomains .(Do not add an @ just the username.)

Add new field

This lets you add more links to your domain profile, again this can be any link you wish. You are free to add as many more as you wish

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