Minting your .smol

.smol domains are your customizable smolverse identity, Lets help you get set up

Minting your domain

To mint your own domain you want to head over to, Once you are there you want to connect your wallet, than choose your wallet provider and follow the steps to connect.

Now you want to type your desired domain, If you want "smol.smol" you would write smol in the text field. If its already been claimed it wont let you mint or your TX will fail

The cost to mint a domain is a One-Time fee of 39.99 $MAGIC (This will be adjusted with price action to keep domains around $30) (As of Jul 29th 2022 the price per domain is 39.99 $MAGIC)

Once you have filled in the fields you can click "Mint" and a transaction will pop up in metamask to mint that domain. Thats it! Congrats you have just minted your smol identity

Learn how to Customise and Use your domain

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